Avon True Color Lip Glow Lip Gloss

Avon True Color Lip Glow Lip Gloss https://www.avon.com/product/avon-true-color-lip-glow-lip-gloss-61151?rep=mybeauty
Lip Glow Lip Gloss

Why just Gloss, when you can GLOW?

Avon has 21 shades of glorious shiny and glowing colors to help you do just that. Glow is now the new Gloss!

The new Lip Glow line is formulated to have more shine, more moisture, and more color, with chia seed and rose hip oils to help nourish your lips and keep them soft and supple. All this with zero stickiness – Yay!

Here is Avon’s list of benefits for their new Lip Glow Gloss:


• Highly-saturated shades
• Long-lasting shine
• Comfortable, creamy feel
• Paraben-free

AND — Bonus — They’re on sale right now for $5.99 each, regularly $8.00.

I say we better get stocked up! These come in Shimmer and Cream. I’m really drawn to Lit in Cream, and Estrella in Sparkle. Click here to visit the Lip Glow page and find your favorite!

Avon Lip Glow Lip Gloss with full color and great shine. https://www.avon.com/product/avon-true-color-lip-glow-lip-gloss-61151?rep=mybeauty
Avon True Color Lip Glow

I hope you have fun picking out your perfect shades of Lip Glow!


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