Keep Your Smile Bright with Amazing New Whitening Essentials from Avon

New Whitening Essentials from Avon

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all doing fabulous!

I wanted to share a new line of products from Avon that I’ve not seen from them before – Oral Care Products – How about that? This is part of their new World-Class Luxury International Spa line, so get ready to pamper yourself – even your teeth!

Of course I couldn’t wait to order these for me and Hubby to try out, and I’m so glad I did.

I’ll begin with the new Whitening Essentials Toothbrushes. These are really cool! I tried the pink toothbrush. It’s the Soft Original with floss-like bristles, infused with mineral-rich Himalayan salt, (for healthy teeth). Now, the first thing I noticed when I received these, is the length of the brush heads. They are huge! They cover 5 teeth with 1 stroke – (for faster and effective brushing, it says). I got the Medium Blanc Charcoal brush for my Husband. This one has medium bristles, infused with activated charcoal to help your teeth look clean and bright. This one also covers 5 teeth with 1 stroke.

Okay – so my initial thoughts on the size of the brush heads – Wow! Now, I have a small palate, and I sometimes struggle to brush behind my front teeth, even with a regular sized brush head. I have to brush each side separately to get good coverage. Okay — but I’ll certainly give it a try! And I did – And I am very surprised.

Instead of having to brush each side (left and right separately, behind my front teeth), I just simply hold the brush parallel to the front of my mouth and brush behind my front teeth. The bristles cover the entire area behind my front teeth comfortably (this is true for brushing both my top and bottom teeth areas). No having to go from side to side – just up and down, with the bristles and I get full brushing coverage. The brush head is very soft and it feels quite pillowy and comforting when I brush my teeth. And yes, on the sides of my mouth, the brush covers most of my teeth in one swoop. This toothbrush is so amazing, and so comfortable to use, and I can brush my teeth rather quickly, since most of my teeth are getting brushed at the same time. It’s really cool. Hubby seems to really enjoy his new brush as well. And I think they’re so chic in the pink and black.

New Whitening Essentials

We also tried the Whitening Essentials Blanc Charcoal Toothpaste (flavor is Fresh Mint). I was excited that the toothpaste was labeled “Blanc” Charcoal. Which is white charcoal. I have tried another brand of Charcoal toothpaste, and discontinued use due to the mess the black made all over my sink. But this one is different. It is white and comes out of the tube just like a regular toothpaste, so no black mess anywhere. This toothpaste is made with activated charcoal to help remove stains and brighten teeth. I really like it. The taste is pleasant – it is smooth on my teeth – I am very satisfied and will most likely continue using it.

There is another toothpaste to choose from, the Whitening Essentials Original Cool Mint. This one has highly effective whitening agents to keep your smile bright.

You can find all the new Whitening Essential products here, and they are all being introduced at a special price, so it’s a great time to give them a try for yourself. Let me know how you like them, and what you think of the toothbrushes.

I will be returning soon with a look at more Avon Essential products and talk about Avon’s fantastic-looking, and hygienic packaging. This is an important topic to me. Purchasing and receiving product that is hygienically sealed for my personal use is a basic requirement, and I am so thankful to Avon for providing this with all their personal use products.

And speaking of hygienic packaging:

The Whitening Essentials Toothpaste box was taped closed on the outside, and once I opened the box and took out the tube, the tube itself was sealed beneath the cap. Both toothbrushes came in sealed packaging and both were enclosed within a white box as well. These would be great and thoughtful gift-giving ideas that are packaged very well, and easy to wrap.

I’m already in Holiday gift-buying mode! Hooray! It’s great to get a good head-start.

Okay gang — I’ll be back soon with more Avon fabulousness for you. Thanks so much for stopping by and for being a very welcomed member of my blog family.


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