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fmg Cashmere Complexion Compact Powder Foundation

Ready for your new favorite foundation and concealer?

How are you doing today? I hope you said fantastic, and I have some fantastic makeup to share with you for sure.

Avon recently introduced their new foundation and concealer line called Cashmere Complexion. I put off trying them as I had just ordered Avon foundation not too long ago, but after receiving an email inquiring about the foundation-to-powder compact that we’ve all gotten so used to, being no longer available, I decided that I needed to give this new makeup a try since this is now the foundation in compact form that is available. I’m sure there was probably an easier way to explain that! But anyway, you get the idea. Out with the old and in with the new, so let’s give it a go!

What a difference — I see now why they changed it. This new Cashmere Complexion line is definitely an upgrade. If the lady who was upset about them taking away her favorite compact foundation can see this — don’t be upset — this new one is totally awesome!! Much, much better. I really enjoyed the other one, but this one is, like I said, awesome! It begins as a powder, but not your ordinary hard powder. It is very soft and easy gliding onto the sponge, (that’s included with the compact), and onto your face. You can put it on your face directly, just like that. It provides a light/medium coverage, so you can quickly just apply and go. But, if you’re wanting a bit more coverage, dampen the sponge (I used a different sponge when I wanted to have it dampened so that I didn’t have to dry out the one that goes in the compact.) and apply it wet. It then goes on exactly like a foundation, giving you ample coverage. It is ample coverage, but lighter. It is not goopy in the least bit. I did have a slight issue with the older version around my eyebrow area. It would kind of cling to my eyebrow area and cause a slight goopy look when I then tried to do my eyebrows, but not this new one. It goes on clean. No goopiness around my brow area, and it blends very well onto my skin. And it matches much better. I now get great coverage without it looking like a fake color on my skin. Just looks like I have flawless skin now. I really love it so much. You can even use it as a finishing powder after completing your look. I do that, and it looks so pretty, and it stays. It stays all day… I just wore it on an outing to a Pumpkin Patch, and I looked just as great coming home after being outdoors for hours, with no touch-ups, as when I first left home.

Here is Avon’s official description – check out the awesome ingredients –

Powdered luxury. Create a flawless, silky-smooth complexion with this weightless 2-in-1 powder foundation, featuring a luxuriously soft formula with a long-lasting soft-focus matte finish. With amino-acid-coated pigments to control shine and visibly smooth skin, and vegan collagen to keep skin looking supple and fresh. Can be applied wet or dry, as a foundation or setting powder with buildable medium-to-full coverage. Mirror compact and sponge for seamless touch-ups. .34 oz net wt.

• Multi-use: can be applied wet or dry, and can be used as foundation or setting powder
• Buildable medium-to-full coverage
• Collagen to keep skin looking supple and fresh
• Lavender oil and artichoke and chamomile extracts provide antioxidant benefits
• Amino-acid-coated pigments control shine and visibly smooth skin for perfected, all-day wear
• Mirror compact with washable sponge
• Good for all skin types

Dampen sponge for fuller, buildable coverage. Apply with dry sponge or brush for a soft finish

There are 16 shades of this fabulousness, to make it easy to match your skin tone. Here is a chart to help you find yours.

Find Your Perfect Cashmere Shade

My Cashmere shade is C110 Shortcake. Find your perfect makeup shade by first determining if your skin is Light, Tan-Medium, or Deep. Then, are you Warm or Cool toned? Meaning do you have more golden undertones to your skin, or more of a pink tone? Like me for example, I have a very light complexion and I definitely have a pink tone to my skin, so I of course looked in the Light section for a cool tone. The cool tone in the light section is C110 Shortcake. It is the lightest and coolest toned one there, and it looks like my skin coloring, plus I used the digital “Try It On” feature on my phone from my Avon website, and yep, it was my perfect foundation match!

My Cashmere Complexion Shade is C110 Shortcake
What is Your Perfect Cashmere Shade? Use the Try It On Feature to See!

Once you’ve found your perfect Cashmere Foundation Shade, and you like a little extra coverage in spots, let’s find your perfect Cashmere Concealer.

Cashmere Complexion 24 Hour Wear Concealer

There are 12 shades of Cashmere Concealer to choose from:

Cashmere Concealer Shade Finder Chart

Again, here you first determine if your skin is Light, Medium, Tan, or Deep. And again if you are Cool or Warm toned. For me, Cheesecake was also a shade offered in Concealer, so that’s the one I chose.

My Cashmere Concealer Shade is C110 Cheesecake

And here is Avon’s official description. Again, great ingredients for a wonderful product:

Get cashmere-soft skin that looks as effortlessly beautiful as you do. This richly pigmented concealer provides 24 hours of full matte coverage. Formulated with antioxidant barley extract and vitamin E, it nourishes skin while giving it a flawless appearance. .20 fl. oz.

• 24 hours of comfortable, breathable wear
• Richly pigmented full-coverage concealer visibly corrects dark circles, banishes flaws and neutralizes imperfections
• Creamy lightweight texture
• Soft-focus matte finish
• Water-resistant
• With antioxidant barley extract (non-GMO) and vitamin E
• Ideal for all skin types
• Vegan formula
• No parabens, sulfates or phthalates
• Fragrance-free
• Available in 12 shades

Apply directly to conceal dark circles, blemishes or redness. Wear alone, under or over foundation. Can be used all over to brighten.

How fabulous is that? These are totally high-end luxury products. I keep telling you “I told you so”, regarding Avon going completely luxe, and they are certainly delivering with new upgraded versions of their makeup products, fragrances, and more.

And, as you saw from my pictures, I also tried the new Tattoo Station Brow Pencil.

New Tattoo Station Brow Pencil

I am learning to use one of these! I have prominent brows, and sometimes feel like using a brow pencil will make me look ghoulish (Haha!), but I’m getting more used to it. I did try this one over the weekend on my Pumpkin Patch outing. I did pretty good with it. I like it a lot, but went a bit light on the color so I wouldn’t look ghoulish and it wasn’t enough. I’ll show you – (I’m not afraid to show my mishaps to you — I always share with friends!)

I still see gaps, and I went a little heavy on the end, but I’ll keep practicing. I’ll get the right balance of color and coverage right, I’m sure. This eye pencil was very easy to use, and I liked the color that I chose, Dark Gray. It is a great color choice for me with my hair color and it doesn’t go on too dark all at once, so I can play with it and build the color up to my liking.

There are 6 shades to choose from and this did last me all day during my outing with no smearing.

I’ll have to do an eyebrow blog on its own soon. Perhaps as soon as I get my own brow game going strong. Avon has several new eyebrow products available now, so we can chat about those and see what the differences are. Let me know if you’ve tried any of their new eyebrow products. Here’s a link to their eyebrow products page if you’d like to look around and see what all they’re offering.

Okay gang — I shall close with that, and I’ll keep practicing on my brows and hope to have a better picture to show you soon with better results.

I hope you’ll treat yourself to Avon’s Cashmere Complexion Foundation and Concealer. Which, there is also a Cashmere Complexion liquid foundation if you prefer that. It’s a new season and a great reason to upgrade, right?

See you soon,


Cashmere Complexion Compact Powder Foundation

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