Christmas in Paris has Arrived at Avon, and There is a Special Gift for You!

Free So Gorgeous Eyeshadow Palette

Hello everyone! Happy Monday!

I greet you today with good tidings, and a beautiful gift for you.

A special (and exclusive) gift code for a Free So Gorgeous Eyeshadow Palette is now on it’s way to all my current Avon customers and email subscribers – Yay!

What a way to kick off a Parisian Holiday!

When you receive your special code you can use it upon check-out with any $40.00 order in my Avon store. This code will not work in any other Avon store, and my peeps are the only ones who get my code. If you would love this gorgeous gift yourself and you are not yet a customer or an email subscriber, you can still get in on the fun.

Simply visit my Avon Store – and sign up to join my mailing list. You can find the Sign Up Button at the bottom of my home page. Easy Peasy. I send out special offers every campaign (every 2 weeks), so there are always exciting goodies for you, and especially coming up for the Holidays. So come on and join in, you are very welcome!

Now, since the So Gorgeous gift code has already been sent out, once you sign up, be sure to contact me so that I can send you your gift code.

I hope you enjoy shopping and your free gift!


Sign Up for Your Free Gift!

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