Pretty Food: Grilled Salmon, plus Birthday Fun!

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you’ve enjoyed a fabulous weekend, I know I have!

I’ve really enjoyed my 56th birthday celebrations, which began Thursday evening and continued throughout the weekend.

My Son and his family treated me to a yummy BBQ dinner out on my actual birthday, Thursday, then Willie (Hunky Hubby), treated me to a grilled salmon dinner the next evening. I’ve been eating really good, I can tell you that!

I am so thankful to be here and feeling great to celebrate my 56th birthday. I had a little cake made up for myself at our local Atascocita, TX HEB. Their cakes are really super delish!

It’s (or it was…) dark chocolate cake with the whipped cream style icing. Not my usual “pretty food”, but it was worth the indulgence for my birthday!

The grilled salmon dinner though, is definitely pretty food by my own definition: It looks pretty, tastes pretty, and helps keep us pretty.

For the grilled salmon, my husband simply brushed each side of the salmon with extra virgin olive oil and then sprinkled on some of our own seasoning salt mixture ( sea salt, fresh ground black pepper, cayenne pepper, and garlic powder). He then grilled the salmon approx. 5-7 min each side. It’s really a fast and easy entree to make at home. You could even cook your salmon in the oven just as well.

We like to go to our local HEB to pick out our salmon so that we can see the freshness and choose the size fillets we’d like cut just for us. We also like to grill it that same day/evening.

For my birthday dinner sides, I chose corn cobbettes and a mixed baby green salad. I made a compound/flavored butter to go atop the cobbettes and salmon. I mixed in garlic powder, cayenne pepper, and oregano to softened butter that I had just let sit out for a bit. So easy to do, and it adds a great pop of flavor to a meal.

For the greens, I like a Spring Mix of baby greens. I do wash them myself even though they say they are pre-washed. We just drizzled our favorite Italian dressing across the greens, and dinner was ready!

If you follow my blog then you know that in addition to food being pretty and delicious, I also like easy prep, which I’m sure you do too.

I hope you enjoy a salmon dinner of your very own. It doesn’t have to be your birthday to enjoy this delicious and healthy meal.

And another delicious and healthy meal I promised to share with you was my version of a BLT Salad. I have not forgotten. I will post that very soon.

Okay gang! I’m off for now. My Paris themed makeup brushes should be arriving soon. I’m very excited to receive those and will take a pic or two to share with you. I hope you snagged a set for yourself too. C.3 is still going until Jan 19th, so two more days of C.3 specials, and then we’ll begin C.4. These Campaigns are flying by fast here already in the New Year!



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