Spring Makeup Colors to Brighten Your Look

Eye see you! Haha! How’s it going? Ready to Spring? I bet you are!

I thought it would be fun to look around my Avon website and see what beautiful colors I could find to help inspire our Spring makeup looks. Found some! Yay!

How about those gorgeous shades of blue in the Tranquility Eyeshadow Palette?

I fell in love with this matte Tranquility Palette so much, that I just added to my shopping cart. It’s on sale for $6.49, regular price is $9.00, so yeah, I definitely snagged this one for myself. I think it will be a nice change to wear some brighter shades of Blue and Teal for Spring. What do you think?

And look what else I found in a gorgeous shade of Teal? It’s called Teal Sparkle, to be exact.

Avon’s True Color Glimmersticks Diamonds Eyeliner. They say go big with your glitter or go home! Haha! Gotta love it. This is on sale also for $3.99, regular price $9.00. I believe everything I’m going to show you here on this blog post is on sale, so yay! It’s a great time for us to get ready for our Spring looks for sure.

Now, let’s say you’re more of a neutral fan, or have a warmer skin tone. I found a gorgeous palette that you may love. It’s called Naked Truth.

The colors are so gorgeous in this Quad. It is also just $6.49. Here’s a link to the Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Quads.

And I found a super gorgeous eyeliner in Sepia to really make this look pop.

Very glamourous and very stylish.

Okay, so let’s say you like to walk more on the wild side with some brighter colors. How about a little Purple Pop?

And you know I found a really fun eyeliner for this one, don’t you? And you’re going to love the name too. Purple Rain

There are so many fun combos that you can come up with. Here’s a link to the EYES Category on my Avon website. You can browse all the different types of Eye Makeup Products and find your favorites and your favorite combos.

And to finish your new Spring look, how about some fabulous lipstick?

The lipsticks I am showing you today are the Avon True Color Nourishing Lipsticks. These have been my very favorite Avon lipsticks for a very long time. Unfortunately, they are discontinuing this line, but fortunately, there are still 12 shades available at a very deep discounted price. I found these in the Good Buys Section of my website and they are final sale items, so snag ’em while you can.

Here are 3 that I really liked and thought may go well with the 3 eyeshadow/eyeliner combos that I chose for today’s blog entry.

First up is one of my most favorite shades to wear, Dragonfruit Blush.

I think this one would go very well with the Purple Pop/Purple Rain combo. The #2 shade in Purple Pop is very similar to this Dragonfruit Blush shade. And I forgot to tell you the sale price of these lipsticks. They are now $4.79, the regular price was $11.00.

And next, how about Sparkling Rose to go with the Naked Truth/Sepia combo?

So pretty.

And, for the Tranquility/Teal Sparkle combo, I thought a light pink may look great with that, so I chose Lychee Pink.

So, have any favorites yet? I am ordering the Tranquility Quad. I’m very excited to get it and try out those blues.

I hope you’re inspired to have a look around and put your own combos together. Here’s the link to the EYE MAKEUP Category for you again, and here’s a link to the LIPS Category if you’d like to shop the new Avon lipstick brands.

If you’d like to shop all the final sale items, here’s a link to the GOOD BUYS Category.

I hope you enjoyed this Spring Makeup Colors blog post and that you enjoy shopping all the Avon Makeup!

Till next time, stay fabulous!



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Spring Makeup Colors to Brighten Your Look