Protection for your Skin’s Microbiome Shield

Hey gang!

This is a new Avon body lotion that I’ve been wanting to share with you.

I am a big fan of Avon’s Moisture Therapy line, and with this Balance and Soothe Body Cream they’ve taken it another step by formulating it with ingredients known to help create a healthy environment for our skin’s microbiome, which will restore balance.

Here is Avon’s official description:

Microbiome are beneficial micro-flora that live on skin as a protective layer, helping to keep skin looking healthy all over. When the microbiome balance is disturbed, skin loses its capacity to hold moisture and becomes dry and damaged. Care for your microbiome with our advanced microbiome-supporting formulas, with prebiotics and para-probiotics to help balance and soothe your skin.

Create a healthy environment for skin’s microbiome and restore balance will this soothing body cream, which replenishes moisture to leave skin softer, smoother and healthier-looking. 5 fl. oz.

• Rich, moisturizing body cream
• Contains ingredients known to support and help create a healthy environment for the skin’s microbiome
• Soothing formula immediately replenishes moisture for a smoother, softer, healthier look
• Free from parabens, mineral oil and colorants

Smooth generously all over body.

Like to give this a try? For free?

Check my next blog post coming up in just a few!


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