Pretty Food: Zucchini Pizza

Happy weekend everyone! Who’s up for pizza? Me! Meee!!

I love pizza so much. It is one of my kryptonite foods. But…. My personal approach to eating healthier (and prettier), is to not deprive myself of the foods I love and crave, but to incorporate healthier ways to enjoy them. Win – win!

Zucchini pizza (as we call it,) was one of those surprise discoveries, thanks to a pizza party that my Son invited us to attend several years ago. I would never have thought to put zucchini on a pizza, but you know what — It tasted so great that I’ve created my own zucchini pizza recipe that my Husband and I really enjoy, and I thought I’d share the delicious joy with you all (y’all) today.

This is so easy and so good.

I first begin with one of my favorite cheats — Garlic Naan Bread. They come 2 to a package, so that’s perfect for us.

Here is a list of the other ingredients:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Garlic Powder

Grated Parmesan, Romano, Asiago Cheese Blend

Shredded Italian Cheese Blend

(Thinly Sliced) Zucchini

(Sliced) Black Olives

(Sliced) Green (Spring) Onions

Red Pepper Flakes

Sea Salt

I spoon a little extra virgin olive oil onto each of the Naan breads, then sprinkle with a little garlic powder, and the grated parmesan, Romano, asiago cheese blend. Layering flavors in this particular recipe really gives it “oomph”. Next is the shredded Italian cheese blend.

I slice my zucchini really thin and layer that onto the pizza. This will help it to not get watery. I then sprinkle a little more garlic powder on top of the zucchini. If you love garlic like we do, then you’re going to love this.

I add sliced black olives and (sliced) green onions, and sprinkle just a little more of the shredded Italian cheese on top to help it all melt together.

I heat this in a 350 degree oven till it’s all melted.

I like to serve this drizzled with a little more of the extra virgin olive oil, then sprinkle on some hot red pepper flakes, and a little grind of sea salt. I also serve this with a baby greens salad drizzled with our favorite Italian dressing. This adds to the health benefits of course (dark lettuces are my favorite pretty foods), and it also keeps our pizza serving to 2 slices (half a Naan bread each).

And there you have it! Very easy, very tasty, and filled with healthy veggies.

I hope you try this recipe yourself and let me know how you like it!


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