Avon Love, and Family Stories

After recently posting about Avon family traditions and my first memories of using Avon skincare from an early pre-teen age, I’ve been blessed to have some of my customers (whom I call friends) share their stories with me, and also a friend who was very excited about her Avon purchase shared a pic of her beauty haul, so I thought I’d share all of this love and fabulousness with you.

In the spirit of sharing Avon family stories, I have another fond memory from the 1990’s when my Son was very young. I sold Avon back then as well, and he and I would go door to door throughout our neighborhood. One of my neighbors still speaks of meeting us for the very first time when he and I came by to visit and leave an Avon book. Very fun and fond memories.

My friend Phyllis shared this with me on IG:

Like you, I grew up with Avon too, as my Mom was an Avon Lady and went door to door selling it!

I think that’s so wonderful that she has a memory of her Mom being an “Avon Lady”. That’s definitely what we were called back in the day.

Here are a couples of notes I received from my friend Mary via email. These melted my heart…

I couldn’t resist the Mini Lipstick Kit. When I was little (awhile ago, as I’m 69!), maybe about 6 or 7, my mother sold Avon, and she had these little sample lipsticks—a tiny ‘tube,’ about an inch high, with about 1/3” of lipstick. She gave me some, and I absolutely loved them. The colors! That clinched, then and there, my life-long love of lipstick and cosmetics. So there was no question about my ordering those mini lipsticks!

Apart from the ones she gave me, I used to love to just sit and look at all the colors in her collection of little lipstick samples for her ladies. And I remember going with her to deliver orders, with her all dressed up in her suit (this was the 50s!). I thought she looked so beautiful.

I love being reminded of that!

That is so awesome, and I am truly honored to now be their Avon Representative and help carry on the tradition and beauty products that we all love so much.

And speaking of Avon beauty product love. Check out this beauty haul that my friend Sue recently received!

All this for $60.30! There is another eye shadow hidden in there (total of 2). LOVE it all! Thank you Jfay!

That’s so awesome! Thank you Sue!

I truly love hearing your Avon stories, and seeing your Avon pics, and I hope to hear and see more. Feel free to share them with me. I’d love to share more of them here on my blog as well.



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