Shimmery Holiday Makeup Palettes, Sets, and Lipsticks from Avon.

Happy weekend everyone!

Ready for holiday party season? It’s about to begin, so I thought you may appreciate some super gorgeous makeup to really amp up your holiday looks.

All the makeup gorgeousness above can be found in Avon’s Holiday Gift Guide. The Starry Night themed eyeshadow palettes and Crave Lip Gloss Set are so gorgeous and sparkly. These will make great gifts for you, and your family and friends. Avon’s Flat Two-Toned Lipsticks are perfectly festive for glamming up all your looks.

Avon’s fmg (Fashion – Makeup – Glam) Cashmere Eyeshadow Palette comes in 2 shade options. This one (Enchanted Eyes) is really bright and shimmery for a bold holiday makeup look.

Avon’s Monopop Eyeshadow Palette is great for creating super beautiful holiday makeup looks. Very glam and more neutral.

The Gotta Get It! set is now the new reinvented Avon A-Box. The Time to Shine Set is just $10.00 with any $40.00 purchase. Simply add it to your cart, and the price will automatically reflect $10.00 when you have $40.00 or more in your cart at checkout. No coupon code needed.

And with all these gorgeous eyeshadow palettes, you may need a makeup brush set. Avon’s Mini Makeup Brush Kit is so pretty and comes in a gorgeous gold case.

I hope you find the perfect palettes for your holiday looks and also for gift-giving.

Till next time, stay fabulous!


Over 50 and Fabulous Beauty Blogger + Avon Independent Sales Representative, USA, Avon Team Leader

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