Avon’s Valentine Boutique 2022, Gifts for Him and Her

Hello, and happy Monday everyone!

Tomorrow is February 1st, and you know what that means. It’s time to think about your Valentine’s and Galentine’s, and what special gifts you’d like to give to show them your admiration and love. I personally think a big hug is always in order, but for something a little more tangible, Avon has a new Valentine’s Day Boutique open that features very lovely gifts for him and her.

You’ve got to see the jewelry they have right now for men. I purchased this Cross Necklace for my Husband. It is really stunning, and I love that it is stainless steel. This will last forever and not tarnish.

There is also a matching bracelet and ring. In Avon’s Valentine’s Day Boutique you’ll also find a very handsome men’s watch and men’s fragrances, including aftershaves.

For the ladies, there is also very stunning jewelry and jewelry sets like this gorgeous Chocolate Jewelry Set.

There is the Necklace and coordinating Earrings that are sold as a set, and the Bracelet and Ring are sold separately. There are also tear drop Earrings that look just like the Necklace that are sold separately as well.

You’ll find many women’s jewelry items, as well as perfumes, and makeup items.

I hope you enjoy shopping Avon’s Valentine’s Day Boutique 2022 and find the perfect memorable gifts for your Valentine, Galentine, or for yourself.




Avon’s New VDL Eye Fine Double Edge Brow Pencil

Update your eyebrow routine with Avon’s new dual-ended slim, flat-cut brow pencil with spoolie that fills and defines brows, giving a long-lasting, natural, powder finish. The long-lasting wax-to-powder formula resists breakage and glides on smoothly, hugging brows naturally. Precise pencil and pinecone-shaped spoolie provide easy blending while grooming brow hair. Comes in three shades (Brown Black, Medium Brown, and Soft Brown) that create well-groomed, natural-looking brows for all. Smudge-proof.

• Dual-ended slim, flat-cut brow pencil and spoolie fills and defines brows, giving a long-lasting, natural, powder finish
• Wax-to-powder formula
• Provides easy blending while grooming brow hair

Groom brows with spoolie, define and fill in sparse areas with pencil, use spoolie to blend product and refine shape.

$20.00 ea.

VDL Eye Fine Double Edge Brow Pencil




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Road Trip Ready: So Cute! Toiletries/Cosmetic Travel Kit

Not to make you jealous, but here in Texas it’s been the PERFECT road-tripping weather. Beautiful sun-shiny skies, 50 degree windy temps, just gorgeous! And, I have to tell you, we’ve been taking advantage of it, for sure. It’s been so nice to get out for some weekend trips, and are planning even more.

It’s also been really nice to have Avon’s cute little cosmetics travel kit along. It’s filled with everything needed from head to toe, already packed and ready to go.

Each 8 Piece Set Includes:

  • Veilment Natural Spa Black Rose Body Scrub and Cleanser
    With French rose oil and apricot-seed powder. Aromatic black rose scent. 1 fl. oz.
    • Skin So Soft Roll-On Antiperspirant Deodorant, 2.6 oz. net wt.
    • Make Life Beautiful Travel Pouch
    Vinyl. 4” L x 4 ½” H x 3” W. Imported.
    • Travel Toothbrush
      Plastic cover.
    • Whitening Essentials Perioe Black Charcoal Clean Mint
      With fluoride and 10X the activated charcoal.* .7 oz. net wt.
     *Compared to Blanc Charcoal
    • Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Facial Lotion
      Lasting moisture to protect against recurrent dryness. 1.69 fl. oz.
    Elastine PropoliThera
    • Damage Repair Shampoo
    • Damage Repair Conditioner
      With vitamin-enriched beeswax, honey and royal jelly. Each, 1.69 fl. oz.

$25.99 each.

So why not grab yourself and cute little travel kit and hit the road! May be fun to have for an impromptu Valentine’s Day date-night too. 🙂

Cheers to happy travels!



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Dr. Groot Hair-Thickening Shampoo

Looking for a solution for your thinning hair? I know I’ve been… Plus a very itchy scalp lately.

I know it’s all due to hormone changes plus heredity, but you know, my thinking is that there has to be something that can be done to help.

I was very excited to see Avon add the Dr. Groot hair products to their hair care line-up, and especially happy to see this Microbiome Hair-Thickening Shampoo. And just recently they added the Dr. Groot Scalp Massager. I was like, “Oh yeah! That is definitely what I need!”.

I couldn’t wait to get the box opened when these arrived. They came in right before I was headed to the shower, and they definitely came along with me. 🙂 I’ve used this system 3 times so far, so it’s a little early to give a full results report yet, but I looooove the Scalp Massager. It feels soooo good… And I can say, that I am already experiencing less itchiness, thank goodness. I’ve tried a lot of different products to relieve my scalp itchiness and nothing has worked thus far, but this shampoo is giving me hope. I’ve not been awakened from my slumber to scratch my head since using this. I know this may be a bit TMI, but hey, if I’m going through this as part of the change in life, I’m sure there may be others of you who may be seeking relief as well, so I do what I can to share and perhaps help a fellow menopauser (or just someone with dry scalp or thinning hair) out.

Here is Avon’s official description with what is in this formulation and why:

Your solution to thinning hair. Infused with para-probiotics and prebiotics, these formulas help restore your scalp’s invisible microbiome shield of healthy flora for healthier scalp and hair.

Get to the root. Made with coconut oil, this fortifying shampoo deep cleanses as it helps moisturize dry scalp and hair. Contains natural ginger and ginseng to help soothe redness and itching, and biotin and caffeine to help thicken hair. 13.5 fl. oz.

• Infused with para-probiotics and prebiotics, it helps restore your scalp’s invisible microbiome shield of healthy flora for healthier scalp and hair
• With natural ginger and ginseng to help soothe redness and itching and biotin and caffeine to help thicken hair
• No sulfates, parabens, or silicones
• Use products individually or as part of regimen

After soaking the hair and scalp with warm water, apply an appropriate amount evenly to the hair and scalp, massage and then rinse thoroughly with water

I am certainly looking forward to it thickening my hair as I am attempting to grow it out. Finger’s crossed this will be a great solution. I feel that using the Scalp Massager along with the shampoo should really invigorate growth as it soothes my poor itchy head. 🙂

Here’s a link to the Dr. Groot Thickening Shampoo, and here’s a link to the Scalp Massager.

You may like to check out all of the Dr. Groot Hair Fortifying products available. Click here to find the perfect hair (and scalp) solutions for you.

All the best, and high hopes this helps solve an issue for you too!



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This is Huge! Receive 25-40% Off LG Home and Electronic Products!

Avon Representatives receive a 25 - 40% discount on LG Home and Electronic products.  Sign up today for free.
Sign up today!

Okay guys, I don’t know about you, but I am super excited for this! Avon made this announcement during their 2022 Kickoff, and I’ve been waiting to share this till it was official, and here it is!

Here is Avon’s message regarding this huge discount opportunity:

Finally! Starting January 19, all active Avon Representatives will have access to the LG Partners Mall full of exclusive discounts on world-class LG home and electronics products.

That means discounts up to 25-40% off your favorite LG products including:

  • TVs and video
  • Computers, monitors and laptops
  • Refrigerators, dishwashers and cooking appliances
  • Washers/dryers, vacuums and more
  • Plus new products added monthly

Look for an email soon with an exclusive link and details on how to create your LG Partners Mall account. And start thinking about a makeover for your kitchen or family room!

For those of you who are unaware, Avon was purchased by LG Home, so we are a part of that big family as well. And now, we are receiving a great (bonus) benefit by being a part of the LG family.

So, what does this mean for you? Well… You can become a member of the Avon and LG family too — for free. Say what? Yep. It’s very simple, and you can sign up to become and Avon Rep if for only receiving discounts on your Avon and LG products. To remain an active Avon Rep, all you have to do is place an order every Campaign (no minimum $ requirement).

But if you are looking for a fabulous career opportunity, then Avon is certainly a great place for that as well. There are many many incentives including $$ bonuses for growing your business. Click here for full details.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to help.



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Welcome to My New Personalized Avon Store

Hello everyone! Happy Monday to you!

Ready for an exciting new shopping experience?

I’ve been a busy little bee buzzing around getting things all ready for you at my new Avon website. To refresh memories, Avon just launched a brand new website, and with this new website, they have given us Reps our own personal store-front to customize with our favorite Avon product features and recommendations, as well as a welcome video. It’s really awesome. I’m loving the concept quite a lot, and I hope you will too.

Here’s a screenshot of my new Avon store-front. You will see me – there I am! 🙂 I was able to name my Avon store (as you can see atop), let you know why I love selling Avon, and you can find my contact info very easily.

I can now upload photos of my favorite Avon products and share with you a bit about my experience using each. Use the side arrows to scroll through the featured items.

I also have a Recommended Just for You section in which I can post products right on my store-front for you to easily add to your bag.

Which, under the Featured Product pics and descriptions I also pin the product(s) right beneath so you can easily add them to your bag right there.

It’s so awesome! It’s a wonderful extension of my blog here. When I feature products, I can then go directly to my Avon store and feature them there for you to easily find. Plus if you happen to miss a blog post here, you can head over to my store and still find the featured item(s).

Now, if you follow my original Avon store link: https://youravon.com/mybeauty, you will arrive at the Avon home page. You will see me at the top, so you’ll know that you are still shopping with me. Always look for the rep code: mybeauty in the url. That is my Representative code. If you see that and my name and picture, then you know you’re with me.

You can click on JOHANNA’s Online Store at the top right, and you will find my personalized store-front when you follow that link.

(Note: This blog has been around way before the new website launch, so if you land on an older post, the link may no longer be available. I have tried a couple of the older links, and although the product page is no longer available, you still land in my Avon store, so you can still easily find what you’re looking for, or contact me and I’ll happily send you a new link to the item for which you are searching.)

I truly hope you enjoy this new concept. I am always happy to help you find the perfect Avon beauty and skin care products for your individual needs and style.

Cheers, happy browsing, and happy Avon shopping!



Personalized Store-Front: https://www.avon.com/repstore/mybeauty?rep=mybeauty

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Avon’s Semi-Annual Clearance Sale, Up to 50% Off

Happy Avon Sale to you! So many beautiful items are priced at up to 50% off right now; fashion jewelry, home decor (lots of Christmas decor!), skin care, makeup, candles, watches, and more, in Avon’s Semi-Annual Sale.

You can also enjoy Free Shipping (Avon’s treat) for a limited time on all orders $25+ using code: NEWYEAR.

Follow this link to find all the sale items.

I hope you find loads of things you love.



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Haiku Perfume Poetry: Beautiful Japanese Garden Fragrance

So beautiful… So tranquil… What a way to begin the new year.

How are you all doing? I hope you’re looking forward to a fabulous 2022.

I’ve began my 2022 enjoying the lovely fragrance of Haiku. I’ve actually been wearing this every day since it arrived, which is quite something for me. If you’ve been following my posts here for any length of time then you’ll know that I did not wear fragrance for a while after my candle making and perfumery days. I became overly sensitive to aromas and had to lay off for quite some time, and now I am very selective in what I enjoy experiencing scent-wise, and I’m especially cautious in which aromas I choose to wear. I mainly lean towards warm, vanilla-type aromas as they seem to be easier on the nose than florals, but — and this is really something — Avon has surprised me over and over now with their new perfumes. They are so well done. So expertly blended. And I know they are using only the very best fragrance oils because they are absolutely beautiful to enjoy. This has been my experience thus far with all the new aromas that I have tried, and Haiku certainly is on the top of my list right now for a very enjoyable fragrance.

I reviewed Haiku Sacred a while back. I really love that version as well. They are both very different from one another.

If you love a fresh floral then you will love this original Haiku.

Top: Japanese yuzu
Middle: Delicate muguet
Bottom: Blonde woods

Japanese Yuzu is a traditional Japanese citrus fruit with an aromatic zest. You really get that in the top note. It’s beautiful but not overbearing on the citrus. Delicate Muguet (pronounced moo-gay) is French for Lily of the Valley. It’s a soft, delicate (as described) floral. Very easy on the nose. And Blonde Woods is an aromatic note meant to give you the soft sensuous feeling of cashmere. So, imagine all that blended together in one, and each note releasing itself to finish with a soft sensuality. Brilliant!

Which, I looked up the meaning of Haiku, and according to readpoetry.com, Haikus are Japanese poems that focus on a brief moment in time, juxtaposing two images, and creating a sudden sense of enlightenment.  So, I suppose Avon’s name for this fabulous perfume (and perfume line) is really spot on. The aromas are like poetry in motion.

Here is Avon’s description of this aroma:

The calming and clean notes of Haiku Eau de Parfum bloom in harmony to create a fresh floral that evokes the serenity of a Japanese garden.

You can enjoy Haiku in several different forms. I am enjoying this fragrance in Spray and Deodorant form. Isn’t it cool to be able to match your deodorant with your perfume? I like to spray the perfume into the air and walk into it. It gives me a very nice, light, aroma that makes me feel beautiful.

Here is a link to the Haiku Spray Perfume, and here is a link to the complete Haiku Perfume Collection, where you can find the perfect Haiku (or perfume poetry) for you.

Till next time, remember to stay fabulous and follow your joy!



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