Welcome to My New Personalized Avon Store

Hello everyone! Happy Monday to you!

Ready for an exciting new shopping experience?

I’ve been a busy little bee buzzing around getting things all ready for you at my new Avon website. To refresh memories, Avon just launched a brand new website, and with this new website, they have given us Reps our own personal store-front to customize with our favorite Avon product features and recommendations, as well as a welcome video. It’s really awesome. I’m loving the concept quite a lot, and I hope you will too.

Here’s a screenshot of my new Avon store-front. You will see me – there I am! 🙂 I was able to name my Avon store (as you can see atop), let you know why I love selling Avon, and you can find my contact info very easily.

I can now upload photos of my favorite Avon products and share with you a bit about my experience using each. Use the side arrows to scroll through the featured items.

I also have a Recommended Just for You section in which I can post products right on my store-front for you to easily add to your bag.

Which, under the Featured Product pics and descriptions I also pin the product(s) right beneath so you can easily add them to your bag right there.

It’s so awesome! It’s a wonderful extension of my blog here. When I feature products, I can then go directly to my Avon store and feature them there for you to easily find. Plus if you happen to miss a blog post here, you can head over to my store and still find the featured item(s).

Now, if you follow my original Avon store link: https://youravon.com/mybeauty, you will arrive at the Avon home page. You will see me at the top, so you’ll know that you are still shopping with me. Always look for the rep code: mybeauty in the url. That is my Representative code. If you see that and my name and picture, then you know you’re with me.

You can click on JOHANNA’s Online Store at the top right, and you will find my personalized store-front when you follow that link.

(Note: This blog has been around way before the new website launch, so if you land on an older post, the link may no longer be available. I have tried a couple of the older links, and although the product page is no longer available, you still land in my Avon store, so you can still easily find what you’re looking for, or contact me and I’ll happily send you a new link to the item for which you are searching.)

I truly hope you enjoy this new concept. I am always happy to help you find the perfect Avon beauty and skin care products for your individual needs and style.

Cheers, happy browsing, and happy Avon shopping!



Personalized Store-Front: https://www.avon.com/repstore/mybeauty?rep=mybeauty

Over 50 and Fabulous Beauty Blogger + Avon Independent Sales Representative, USA, Avon Team Leader, Bronze Ambassador

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