Happy Gifts from Me to You!

Happy Gifts from me to you!  Check your emails for your Coupon Codes!  https://youravon.com/mybeauty

Happy Campaign 8 everyone!

If you’re one of my Avon Email A-Listers, be sure to check your email tomorrow (04-13-23) for your 3 Free Gift Coupon Codes.

My theme for this Avon Campaign’s free gift choices is HAPPY, which you’ll “get” when you see the actual codes.

I love spreading happiness and joy, and I hope these free gift choices bring a bit of happiness to your (or your doggie friend’s) life.

The 3 free gift choices this time around are: Rice Water Bright Facial Massage Cream to moisturize, and bring more elasticity and happy radiance to your skin. Avon Pure Happiness Essential Oil to infuse the air with joy and exhilaration, with grapefruit, lemon, and sweet orange (for use in your favorite essential oil diffuser), and a set of Sirius Groom Shampoo and Conditioner for dogs scented in Baby Powder for your happy doggie.

If you’re not yet one of my Avon Email A-Listers and would like to get in on all the fun, click here to enter Avon’s Only the Best for Mom Sweepstakes, which includes a “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.” Movie Gift Set (Movie Tote, Book and Tickets!). When you enter, be sure to click “Sign me up for Emails from Johanna Bustamento”, plus click to verify that you’re 18 yrs or older, and that’s it, you’re in!

Avon's Only the Best for Mom Sweepstakes:  https://www.avon.com/sweepstakes/complete?rep=mybeauty

Once you get signed up, you may contact me and request that I send you the 3 free gift coupon codes for Campaign 8.

I send my Avon Email A-Listers free gift codes every Campaign (every 2 weeks). You choose which gift is your favorite and apply the code for that gift upon checkout. Be sure to also check out Avon’s Special Offers and Promotions. There are free gifts that do not require a code (you can bundle up on the freebies!), special bundle deals, special sales, and offers.


Johanna (Jfay)


Movie Premier Tickets/Gift Set, Avon Sweepstakes, Free Gifts, Coupon Codes, Happiness, Joy

Avon Mother's Day Sweepstakes + Movie Premier Gift Set.  https://www.avon.com/sweepstakes/only-the-best-for-mom-sweepstakes?rep=mybeauty

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