Hi!  I'm Jfay!  Welcome to my Avon Beauty Blog!
Hi! I’m Jfay!

Hey everyone! Welcome to Jfay’s Avon Beauty Blog!

I’m so excited to be an Avon Lady again! I say again, because I was an Avon Lady back in 1993. My son Brennen was just 2 years old, and we would walk the neighborhood together handing out books. Those were the days, but today is a new day, my Son is now 28 (Ack!), and Avon is now online! Hooray!

Avon has grown by leaps and bounds when it comes to keeping up with technology and keeping up with what’s new and trending. They’ve been adding fabulous new products, as well as keeping those that we all have loved and adored through the years. I grew up with Avon being in our lives. I still remember my Grandmother always having Avon hand lotions in her purse and wearing Avon fragrances to church. My Mother loved Avon and so did my Aunts, and so did I. And so DO I!

Avon has touched many lives and will continue to do so. I’m so happy about being part of the Avon family again and look forward to creating many new memories through Avon and meeting many wonderful people like you through this journey.

I hope you enjoy the blog posts here and that you will also Follow via email. You can do so by signing up – You’ll see that feature in the side bar area, or if you’re viewing by phone, scroll down to right below my picture and you’ll see the Follow sign up there.

If you’d like to receive updates and specials direct from my Avon site, please send your email address to me at jfaysbeauty@att.net. I will be happy to add you to my special mailing list.

Thank you much!


Shop Avon with Jfay at https://youravon.com/mybeauty

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