Anniversary Road Trippin’, Avon Style! Part II

Anniversary Road Trippin', Avon Style, Part II.  Jfay's Beauty Blog.

Hey gang! So who’s planning a fun road trip this Summer? Or two, or more road trips? It’s so fun to get out on the road and see the sites, perhaps visit a destination spot, or not. Just have fun.

When I go on a road trip, I like to feel comfortable and casual, but still look presentable, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Avon products that I use to get ready for the day’s adventure.

Now, not pictured above, and a very great and easy beginning to my makeup look is Avon’s Cashmere Compact Powder Foundation. This foundation (to me) is the complete bomb! I love this so much. I do not need a concealer or several different makeup items for a full coverage look. I just simply swipe it on, and it’s like magic to me. I put this on my eyelids too. It works as a great primer for my eyeshadow, so yeah, this is my one-stop all over face perfecter, and it is very fast and easy. Let’s get on the road! 🙂

Avon's Cashmere Compact Powder Foundation.  Swipe on, and you're ready!

It has powder in the formula, so no need to take powder with you for touch-ups. You can just slip this in your purse and go. There’s a little storage area underneath the foundation for the makeup sponge. $30.00, and worth every cent!

I decided to wear Avon’s new Bombshell Eyeshadow Palette. It went perfectly with my red and white striped shirt. You’ve seen me wear this palette before for a very dramatic look, so I thought you may like to see that it can certainly be worn very lightly too. The colors are so beautiful in this palette, and I am really happy that there is a brow highlight color in this one too. This is a Matte Eyeshadow Quad, listed on my Avon website for $11.99.

Avon Glimmer Matte Eyeshadow Quad in Bombshell.

With this being a Matte Eyeshadow palette, again, very easy to apply. I did not need a long time to put this on. Just a few swipes, and I was done. I did not want to spend a long time on my makeup, but I did want it look nice and fresh. Which, all my makeup, (except my lipstick) lasted all day without any touch-ups. I did have to reapply lipstick.

And speaking of lipstick… I went with Wild Cherry! I know, it looks very dark for a day-time trip, but applied lightly it is a gorgeous Cherry Red color.

Avon's fmg Glimmer Satin Lipstick in Wild Cherry.

This is an Avon fmg Glimmer Satin Lipstick, and this particular shade is one that they brought back. I’ve been enjoying this shade since the ’90’s. When Avon re-did their lipstick line, Wild Cherry was not part of the line-up at first, but then they brought back some of our all-time faves. So happy! This is listed on my Avon website for just $8.49. I wore this over my favorite Avon Dew Kiss Lip Balm and just added it lightly till I achieved my desired shade. This is a great shade for varying the color. Wear it light or dark and dramatic.

And for my hair. Yes, I went with curls for a road-trip, but I did not do my hair the day-of. I slept with one of those satin curler rods and just released my hair in the am, ran my fingers through my hair and then spritzed with Avon’s Chi Enviro 54 Natural Hold Hair Spray, and I was ready to go.

Chi Enviro 54 Natural Hold Hair Spray from Avon.

What? You didn’t know that Avon carried Chi products? Well, stop on by and see the whole line-up of Chi products!

This hair spray worked so well. It held my hair, but without feeling too harsh. I like my curls to look and feel flowy, but stay together. Know what I mean? My curls lasted the entire day, even on a humid day, so yay! This stuff is awesome!

And the smell…. I LOVE the smell of this hairspray. I’d wear it for a perfume. It’s a botanical hairspray, but not flowery.

$21.50 on my Avon website.

Now, as promised in my Anniversary Road Trippin, Avon Style, Part I, how about some pics of where we went?

I hinted to you that it involved an indoor sport. Did you guess what it was? Putt-Putt! There’s a new place near downtown Houston that is a modernized putt-putt place, called The Puttery. It’s all indoors, and it’s only for adults. How awesome is that? There are 3 courses on two levels, each with their own restaurant and bar area, and each with their own signature cocktails to match each course. It is so beautiful in there. We played on the Conservatory Course:

The Conservatory Course at The Puttery in Houston, TX.  Picture by Jfays Beauty Blog.

The Conservatory Course at The Puttery in Houston, TX.  Picture by Jfays Beauty Blog.
Conservatory Course at The Puttery in Houston, TX.  Picture by Jfays Beauty Blog.
Conservatory Course at The Puttery, Houston, TX.  Picture by Jfays Beauty Blog.
Beautiful seating at The Puttery, Houston, TX.  Picture by Jfays Beauty Blog.
Restaurant area on 2nd floor of The Puttery, Houston, TX.  Picture by Jfays Beauty Blog.
The food is delicious at The Puttery, Houston, Tx.  Picture by Jfays Beauty Blog.

The food is delicious at The Puttery in Houston. The burger sliders were so tasty, as was the Margarita pizza. We totally enjoyed our afternoon here.

And… I do remember I mentioned to you about where to get some really delicious fried green tomatoes, didn’t I?

Here are some pics from one of our days visiting the Humble area. We visited Humble City Cafe, in the historic Pangburn Building in old town Humble for some down-home cooking.

Humble City Cafe in Humble, TX.  Picture by Jfays Beauty Blog.
Humble City Cafe in Humble, TX.  Picture by Jfays Beauty Blog.
Veggie plate from Humble City Cafe, Humble, TX.  Picture by Jfays Beauty Blog.

See the fried green tomatoes? They’re served with ranch dressing. So crunchy, and so good!

Fried green tomatoes from Humble City Cafe.  Picture by Jfays Beauty Blog.

I hope you enjoyed sharing in our anniversary festivities via pictures here. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy some really fun Summer road trips yourself!

Johanna (Jfay)

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Rubies and Enduring Love; New Bombshell Eyeshadow Palette from Avon

New Bombshell Eyeshadow Palette from Avon.

Hello friends!

My current mood is definitely Rubies and Enduring Love. My sweet husband Willie and I are celebrating our 40th (Ruby) wedding anniversary this year (in May). I am excited, honored, grateful, and unbelieving at the same time. For sure, where does the time go?

In our Ruby year, I have been tending toward Ruby as my color scheme as well, so when I saw Avon’s newest Matte Eyeshadow Quad in Bombshell, I was definitely in.

Such beautiful shades.

Avon Eyeshadow Palette Bombshell.

It’s been a little while since Avon’s had a Quad with a brow highlight color, so I’m really happy about having this palette. There’s a gorgeous Ruby shade, one that’s more on the red side, and a red-toned brown. They all blend together very well. This palette can be worn light and soft, or you can go bold, as I’ve chosen.

New Bombshell Eyeshadow Palette from Avon.

The Bombshell Eyeshadow Palette is $11.99, and there are also 3 other Matte Eyeshadow Quads to choose from as well. Two that are sunset colors (rusts, browns, yellows), and one in blues.

My fragrance choices to go with my Ruby look are Imari Amore, and Dreamlife. I walk into a light spritz of each. They go together very well and leave a heavenly scent all around.

Imari Amor Eau de Parfum from Avon.

Imari Amor, the ultimate expression of love, wraps you in a seductive blend of rich black currant, precious orris and warm musk. Embrace the passion. 1.7 fl. oz. 

Top: Mandarin, Black Currant, Mandarin, Green Notes, Lychee
Mid: Rose, Jasmine, Neroli, Ylang-Ylang, Precious Orris
Dry: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Warm Musk, Amber

Dreamlife Perfume from Avon.
Dreamlife Perfume from Avon with notes of Mimosa Flower, Aspirational Rose, and Glowing Amber.

Dreamlife is a delightful and light floral aroma with Mimosa Flower, Aspirational Rose, and Glowing Amber.

Both fragrances are wonderfully beautiful on their own, I just really enjoy their fragrances together.

And to finish the look and mood, I used a combo of Eclipse and Constellation in Avon’s fmg Glimmer Satin Lipstick.

I hope this post helps spark a bit of mood enhancement ideas for you too!

Johanna (Jfay)

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OMG! Avon’s Blush Finally Got It’s FMG Make-Over!

Avon's fmg Glimmer Powder Blush.

Hey gang! How’s everyone doing today? I hope very well!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but all of Avon’s “staple” makeup items have recently undergone a make-over. Avon’s makeup brand was called True Color, but they’ve changed that to fmg Glimmer (fmg stands for Fashion – Makeup – Glam), and the packaging has changed as well. It was all black, but now it’s a really pretty red (except for the foundation and liner products), and most makeup items arrive in a pretty red box, like the blush pictured above.

I believe the blush is the last one to finally get it’s makeover. Now, I did notice today that there is still some True Color Blush available on my Avon website. It is listed for $5.99 and they seem to be in more of the “earth”, or “earthy” tones. The new fmg Glimmer Blush colors are in more vibrant pink tones and list for $9.99. There are 3 shades to choose from: Cranberry Crush, Petal Pink, and Pink Passion (which is the one I chose, pictured above).

Here is Avon’s official description:

Get cheeky with an instant pop of color and radiant, youthful glow. Richly pigmented, weightless formula with ultra-fine pearl for added dimension and vivid payoff blends effortlessly. With skin-nourishing vitamin E for antioxidant benefits. 28.oz. net wt.

•   Silky, pressed powder hugs cheeks 
•   Creates buildable coverage and soft matte finish

•   With brush, bently apply to the apples of the cheeks and move outward in circular motions towards the temples. 
•   Without brush, use a clean ring finger to apply to the apples of the cheek with the tapping motions and blend into the skin.

•   To add more dimension, try stacking/layering two shades of blush.
•   Pair with our fmg Blush & Contour Brush for flawless application.
•   Experiment with different shades to give your skin a different type of glow. ​​​​​​

fmg Glimmer Blush in Pink Passion from Avon.

If you are in need of a blush brush, here is a link to all of Avon’s Beauty Implements on my Avon website, and here is a link to just the fmg Blush and Contour Brush.

I hope you have fun choosing your new favorite blush color for Spring! I’m really loving the fresh pinks for the season, how about you?

Talk with you again soon!


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It’s a Lip Balm, It’s a Lipstick, It’s a Lip Gloss, It’s Birthday Balm! (Plus Travel Pics!)

Birthday Balm Lip Crayon from Avon is like a lip balm, lipstick, and lipgloss in one!

This little Birthday Balm Lip Crayon has been one of my best friends during our recent road trips. It’s like a lip balm, lipstick, and lip gloss all in one.

During our latest trip, this was the only lip color product that I took along with me. I can wear this with or without lip liner, depending on the depth of color desired. During my travels I did not use any lipliner, but pictured above, I am wearing this with a Merlot Lip Liner.

It’s so easy and convenient to carry in my purse, and any time my lips need moisture, or a bit of color, it’s all there in a quick swipe, plus it has a pretty glossy finish. I love it! The color I use is called Fine Wine. There are 6 shades to choose from, including Lovin’ Life, PYT, Birthday Suit, Surprise!, Fine Wine, and Birthday Post. Which is your favorite?

Birthday Balm Lip Crayon by Avon is available in 6 shades.

The price on my Avon website is 10.99 each, so be sure to snag several for your Spring and Summer-time trips!

And — as promised, here are some pictures of the hidden Speakeasy we visited during our recent trip to Navasota, Texas! We had a great time visiting Navasota’s restored historic downtown area where the old buildings have been turned into cute shops, boutiques, eateries, and a gorgeous hotel (P.A. Smith Hotel where Hamer’s Speakeasy is located).

P.A. Smith Hotel in Navasota, Texas.
P.A. Smith Hotel in Navasota, Texas
P.A. Smith Hotel in Navasota, Texas
Hidden doorway to Hamer's Speakeasy in the historic P.A. Smith Hotel in Navasota, Texas.  You have to look for Dr. Wilson's Office!
Hamer's Speakeasy in the P.A. Smith Hotel in Navasota, Texas.
Delicious Cocktails and Beer in Hamer's Speakeasy in Navasota, Texas.

I hope you have fun plans for travel and adventure this year too!


Johanna (Jfay)

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Love is in the Air!

Avon's Valentine Boutique is open!

Hooray! Can you feel the love? I hope so!

Visit Avon’s Valentine Boutique to find all kinds of goodies to treat yourself (and/or a friend or loved one!) this Valentine’s Day, or any day of the year.

Avon’s fmg Love makeup line is available all year long, so love is always in the air!

Love at 1st Lash Mascara

Colors of Love Glow Beads

Colors of Love Glow Balm Bronzing Stick

And while you’re treating yourself, remember to spread the love every day as well. Why not leave a sticky note for someone to find with a loving message? You may make someone’s day!

Remind someone today that they are loved.  Leave a sticky note for someone to find.  #lovethatsticks  89.3 KSBJ

And a reminder from me — You are truly appreciated!


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Avon’s fmg Cashmere Compact Powder Foundation is Like a Magic Eraser

Avon's fmg Cashmere Complexion Compact Powder Foundation.

Hello everyone! I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful holiday season, and are ready to begin 2023 on a very positive note.

With each New Year, it’s always another year added to our age as well. My birthday comes around early on the 14th, so yeah, I’m almost into my 58th year on this gorgeous earth. So thankful.

I was just speaking with my husband, Willie, last night about the advantages and goals that come with maturing, and one goal that we all may have in common is striving to look our very best at every age. That’s one of the reasons why I love doing my over 50 blogging, and especially why I love Avon products so much. Avon has so many products that really help with this goal. 🙂

I suppose you can guess which Avon product I am excited about sharing with you today. Yep, my very favorite foundation. Avon’s fmg Cashmere Compact Powder Foundation. The fmg stands for Fashion – Makeup – Glam. I’ve been using this foundation since it first arrived on the scene a few years back. I’ve been with Avon now for 3 years (it will be 4 in April), and it came around soon after I signed up. I love this so much, and like I stated in my title, it is like a magic eraser. I use the sponge that comes with the compact and just smooth it across my face. I do not even need a concealer. This evens out my skin tone and covers all my imperfections with one easy swoop, or swipe, across my face.

I love using Avon's fmg Cashmere Compact Powder Foundation.  It smooths on easily and covers all my imperfections with one easy swoop.

I also love that it is not heavy or cakey on my skin. I really feel like it looks quite natural and blends well with my neck. There are 16 shades to choose from in Neutral, Cool, and Warm tones. My shade is C110. C for Cool. And I am the lightest shade in the Cool Category.

fmg Cashmere Compact Powder Foundation Shade Finder Chart.

Another advantage of this foundation is it’s portability. I can easily take it on trips with me and can even apply my makeup while on the road. And since it is a powder foundation, there’s really no need for extra powder on top, so I look fresh and ready to go in a matter of seconds really, with no mess, no muss, or fuss, and it stays looking fresh all day.

And there’s an added bonus to trying this fabulous foundation right now too. Avon has a special going on where you will receive a free sample pack of their fmg Glimmer lipsticks with a $30.00 fmg Cashmere Foundation purchase. Yeah! Free Avon lipstick samples!

Receive Free Avon Lipstick Samples with the purchase of an Avon fmg Cashmere Foundation.

I hope you’ll give the fmg Cashmere Compact Powder Foundation a try for yourself, and fall in love with it as much as I have. It’s my one and only go-to foundation now. I do have the liquid and it is really nice too. It’s a bit of a lighter coverage, but I’m in total love with the coverage the Powder Foundation gives me at this stage of my life, and it is so very easy to use without needing any other product to have an even-toned and fresh look.

Cheers! And enjoy your free Lipstick Sample pack too! No coupon code needed.


Free Avon Lipstick Sample Pack of 10 Shades + New Blushing Beauty Sweepstakes!

Wow, you guys! I’ve not seen this offer from Avon before. How awesome! I receive a lot of inquiries about Avon Lipstick Samples, and here ya go. You can get your very own FREE 10 pack of Avon Lipstick Samples! 10 fabulous shades to try!

I love carrying these in my purse so that I do not have to take a full tube out with me, plus I always have a shade of lipstick to go with whatever I’m wearing, or whatever my mood. These are so fun.

To qualify for this offer, all you have to do is purchase 2 select FMG (Fashion – Makeup – Glam) Glimmer Eyeshadow or Gel Eyeliner products. Here is the link to the qualifying products. Easy peasy, and a great excuse to shop for new Fall eyeshadow looks for yourself as well!

And while you’re visiting, be sure to put your name in the hat for Avon’s new Sweepstakes, called Blushing Beauty. It’s a $500.00 value gift.

Blushing Beauty Sweepstakes from Avon.  $500.00 value.
Blushing Beauty Sweepstakes from Avon

Good luck, and I hope you get yourself some beautiful new eyeshadows + lipstick samples! Yay!


Free Avon Lipstick Samples!

Let Your Inner Light Shine with Sparkling Glitter Gel!

Avon’s new beauty addition will have you shining like the superstar you are!

New Glint sparkling water gel glitter goes on eyes, cheeks, even hair—anywhere you want to add a glint of brilliance or twinkling color to your look!

Use a makeup tool or your fingertips to apply anywhere you want over the face, body, or hair.

Choose from 5 fabulous shades:

Rum N Sugar

Glassy Love

Frozen Opal

Gleamy Milk

Mood Fatal

Regular Price $15.00 ea. On my Avon website: $12.00 ea.

Have fun!


Fall Lipstick Shades + Birthday Bundle!

Hey gang! How’s everyone doing today? I hope fabulously!

With Avon’s big makeup sale last Campaign, I couldn’t resist stocking up on some gorgeous new shades for Fall.

Here’s what I snagged:

💄Fmg Cashmere Essence Lipcream in Cozy Rosey

💄Birthday Balm Lip Crayon in Fine Wine (I received this free in the Libra Zodiac Birthday Bundle)

💄 Fmg Cashmere Essence Lipcream in Day Dreamer

💄 Glimmer Satin Lipstick in Celestial

💄 Glimmer Satin Lipstick in Morning Glory

Not pictured: Fmg Glimmer Lipliners in Simply Spice and Merlot ( Merlot was also free with my bundle deal! )

And speaking of the Libra Zodiac Birthday Bundle, you remember me showing you this, right? Well, here it is in person (well, what I received in person : ). I loved receiving this, such a fun deal.

I got all this for $24.99. Can you believe? The Moisture Therapy Lotion is $20.00 alone. This is a $100.00 value beauty bundle. Wouldn’t this make a great gift?

Included in this bundle: Moisture Therapy + Balance and Soothe Body Lotion, Birthday Balm Lip Crayon in Fine Wine, Fmg Glimmer Lip Liner in Merlot, Imari Amor Parfum (smells sooo good!), and Darling Pastel Stretch Bracelet trio + Stud Earrings.

There are 3 other Birthday Bundles available now as well. There are Leo, Virgo, and Scorpio Bundles, along with this Libra Bundle. I can’t wait to see what they bundle for Capricorns.

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the goodies I snagged, and hope you get some for yourself as well. It’s always so fun to get a package from Avon.

Oh! And to increase your shopping (and free gift) enjoyment, how would you like to receive exclusive deals via email directly from me like this?

I love sending these types of offers to my subscribers (My Avon Email A-Listers) every campaign.

Just follow this link to get signed up. I’m linking to Avon’s End of Summer Sweepstakes. Once you put in your info, simply click the box at the bottom to sign up for emails from me, Johanna Bustamento, and that’s it! You’re in! And this Sweepstakes just happens to be Avon’s biggest Sweepstakes ever, valued at $473.00, so good luck to you!

Till next time, stay fabulous, and follow your joy!

Johanna (Jfay) Bustamento

Today’s Free Shipping Code

Free Shipping Code for
Enjoy Free Shipping Today!

Happy National Makeup Day, and happy free shipping! Avon’s picking up your shipping tab today only (August 4, 2022) on all orders $25+. Use Code: MAKEUP25 to receive free shipping when you checkout.

Avon has also marked down select makeup items up to 70%, so it’s definitely a great time to shop for new makeup!

Cheers! Have fun shopping!

Johanna (Jfay) Bustamento