Happy Gifts from Me to You!

Happy Gifts from me to you!  Check your emails for your Coupon Codes!  https://youravon.com/mybeauty

Happy Campaign 8 everyone!

If you’re one of my Avon Email A-Listers, be sure to check your email tomorrow (04-13-23) for your 3 Free Gift Coupon Codes.

My theme for this Avon Campaign’s free gift choices is HAPPY, which you’ll “get” when you see the actual codes.

I love spreading happiness and joy, and I hope these free gift choices bring a bit of happiness to your (or your doggie friend’s) life.

The 3 free gift choices this time around are: Rice Water Bright Facial Massage Cream to moisturize, and bring more elasticity and happy radiance to your skin. Avon Pure Happiness Essential Oil to infuse the air with joy and exhilaration, with grapefruit, lemon, and sweet orange (for use in your favorite essential oil diffuser), and a set of Sirius Groom Shampoo and Conditioner for dogs scented in Baby Powder for your happy doggie.

If you’re not yet one of my Avon Email A-Listers and would like to get in on all the fun, click here to enter Avon’s Only the Best for Mom Sweepstakes, which includes a “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.” Movie Gift Set (Movie Tote, Book and Tickets!). When you enter, be sure to click “Sign me up for Emails from Johanna Bustamento”, plus click to verify that you’re 18 yrs or older, and that’s it, you’re in!

Avon's Only the Best for Mom Sweepstakes:  https://www.avon.com/sweepstakes/complete?rep=mybeauty

Once you get signed up, you may contact me and request that I send you the 3 free gift coupon codes for Campaign 8.

I send my Avon Email A-Listers free gift codes every Campaign (every 2 weeks). You choose which gift is your favorite and apply the code for that gift upon checkout. Be sure to also check out Avon’s Special Offers and Promotions. There are free gifts that do not require a code (you can bundle up on the freebies!), special bundle deals, special sales, and offers.


Johanna (Jfay)


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Avon Mother's Day Sweepstakes + Movie Premier Gift Set.  https://www.avon.com/sweepstakes/only-the-best-for-mom-sweepstakes?rep=mybeauty

Free Shipping Code in Celebration of National Fragrance Day (Tomorrow, March 21st Only!)

Free Shipping Code in Celebration of National Fragrance Day Tomorrow, March 21, 2023.  https://www.avon.com/?rep=mybeauty

Hello everyone! Happy first day of Spring! Hope you’re enjoying beautiful weather where you are!

Tomorrow, March 21st, 2023 is National Fragrance Day, and Avon is celebrating by offering everyone free shipping on any order $25.00 or more, using the code: SCENT25 upon checkout.

Now’s the perfect time to also get in on Avon’s Best of Beauty Event. Check my last blog post for all the specials being offered right now during Campaign 6, and get your freebies and beauty bundles with free shipping!

Enjoy, and I’ll see you again soon with more Avon good news!

Johanna (Jfay)


National Fragrance Day Special

Avon’s Best of Beauty 2023 is Here!

Avon's Best of Beauty 2023 is now here with awesome beauty bundles and special savings!  https://www.avon.com/brochure?rep=mybeauty

The Best of Beauty 2023 Event is live!! And as promised, you’re getting all the details and specials here on Jfay’s Beauty Blog! Hooray! PLUS, since you are one of my Avon Email A-Listers, I’ve just sent you 2 special coupon codes to use during this special event for your choice of a free gift. Double yay! If you’re not yet one of my Avon Email A-Listers, stick around till the end of this post and I’ll let you know how to get in on these freebies too.

Okay, so first of all, here is a link to the Campaign 6 online brochure: Best of Beauty 2023. When you visit, you will see the brochure cover. Click on the right side arrow to open the brochure to browse and shop. Upon your first click you will open up to pages 2-3. On page 3 you will see the Luxe Lashes Duo free gift offer. You will receive this 2 piece waterproof mascara and lash curler set free with any $25.00 makeup purchase from items listed on pages 4-15. This is a $24.00 value gift.

So, all you have to do is continue scrolling through the brochure pages to see all the makeup items that are eligible purchases for your free gift. No coupon code is needed, thus, when you receive the free gift codes from me, you can use one of the codes (gift of your choice) upon checkout to receive both free gift offers (1 from me, and the Luxe Lashes Duo) as the Luxe Lashes Duo will automatically be added to your order as a free gift. Got it?

I’ve sent a coupon code for a free Meadow Candle and also a coupon code for free Veilment Care Soothing and Relaxing Lavender Bar Soaps. You can only choose 1 to use with your purchase, but I like to send you at least a couple of goodies to choose your favorite from.

There are a couple of really nice beauty bundle deals going on during Avon’s Best of Beauty 2023 (along with up to 30% off lipsticks, oh yeah! Check out the Glimmer Satin Lipsticks on sale for $7.69 (reg. price $11.00 ea.).

First up is the Best of the Best 4-Piece Bundle:

Best of the Best Beauty Bundle deal from Avon.  https://www.avon.com/product/best-of-the-best-4piece-bundle-82043?rep=mybeauty

This bundle includes:

    •   Best of Beauty Set includes: fmg Glimmer SuperShock Volumizing Mascara in Black, .338 fl. oz
    •   Birthday Balm Lip Crayon in Surprise, .01 oz. net wt.
    •   fmg Glimmershadow Liquid Eyeshadow in Moonstone, .07 fl. oz.
    •   fmg Glimmer Cream Eye Liner in Blackest Black, .01 oz. net wt.

This is a $44.00 value for just $12.99. So fabulous!

Here’s another fun bundle that I am definitely snagging for myself:

fmg Glimmer Lipliner 4-Piece Set: https://www.avon.com/product/fmg-glimmer-lipliner-4piece-set-139230?rep=mybeauty

The fmg Glimmer Lipliner 4-Piece Set.

This bundle includes:

    •  fmg Glimmer Lipliners in Honey Peach .01 oz. net wt.
   •   fmg Glimmer Lipliners in Passion Red .01 oz. net wt.
   •   fmg Glimmer Lipliners in Candy Apple .01 oz. net wt.
   •   fmg Glimmer Lipliners in Merlot .01 oz. net wt.

This is a $36.00 value for $6.99! Every color you will need this Spring and Summer. So awesome! I love using these lipliners to completely color in my lips before applying any lipstick or lip balms. It really adds extra depth of color and longer staying power to any lip color look.

Now, one thing I’d like to mention to you about scrolling through the Avon online brochure, especially if this is your first experience doing so – as you look through the pages, you’ll notice little pink shopping bags that come onto your screen. You click on those to bring up a pop-up that lets you add that item to your cart, or from the pop-up you can click to “View the Product Details”, which will take you to that product’s in-depth information page where you can also add it to your cart from there as well.

Now, if you click on the little white circle by the pink shopping bag icon, you open the Virtual Try-On Tool, in which you can virtually try on the makeup items from your phone or computer. This is such an amazing tool. Very easy and very fun to use. It looks real!

On pages 16-19, you will find all the lipstick items that are up to 30% off.

Glimmer Satin Lipstick from Avon.  https://www.avon.com/product/fmg-glimmer-satin-lipstick-79169?rep=mybeauty

I have my eye on the shade Plum Blossom from the fmg Glimmer Satin Lipstick lineup. I tried the lipstick sample and love it, so I’m on the waiting list now for that. It must be popular for this Spring. It’s really pretty! (Reg. price $11.00, now on sale for $7.69.)

One last thing I’d like to mention to you is that Avon has just introduced new Matte Eyeshadow Quads to their Glimmer Eyeshadow lineup. I am totally loving their newest quad just released called Bombshell:

Avon's newest matte eyeshadow quad, Bombshell.  https://www.avon.com/product/fmg-glimmer-matte-eyeshadow-quad-137595?rep=mybeauty

Such beautiful colors!

Beautiful colors in Avon's new matte eyeshadow quad called Bombshell.  Pinks and Browns:  https://www.avon.com/product/fmg-glimmer-matte-eyeshadow-quad-137595?rep=mybeauty

There are 4 new palettes to choose from, and they are listed for $11.99, regular price is $15.00. I just added this and the 4-Piece Lipliner Bundle to my cart! I hope you get in on the awesomeness too!

Have fun shopping, and let me know what you get!

Oh yeah! To get signed up to be one of my Avon Email A-Listers, the easiest (and funnest) way is to enter Avon’s Stunning Spring Sweepstakes. Simply enter your info and be sure the box is clicked to receive emails from me (Johanna Bustamento), enter, and that’s it! You’ll receive Avon emails + special emails from me with offers that I set up just for you!

Talk soon!



Get Ready for Avon’s Best of Beauty 2023!

Best of Beauty 2023 coming March 15th!  https://www.avon.com/repstore/mybeauty?rep=mybeauty

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all doing very well!

I wanted to give you a head’s-up regarding Avon’s upcoming Best of Beauty 2023 Event. Be sure to mark your calendars for March 15th (2023). We’ll be ringing in Campaign 6, and Avon is highlighting all their hottest beauty picks. Along with the Best of Beauty 2023, Avon is offering a free Luxe Lashes Duo gift ($24.00 value) with any $25.00 makeup purchase from their online brochure (pages 4-15). Don’t worry, when the brochure goes up, I’ll link you directly to the deal.

As an Avon Representative, I was privy to this special ahead of time, and here’s what I got:

Avon beauty products:  Love at First Lash Waterproof Mascara, fmg Glimmer Eyeliners, Eyelash Curler, and Birthday Balm.  https://www.avon.com/?rep=mybeauty

I ordered 3 fmg Glimmer Eyeliners (2 browns and a blue), fmg Lipliner (not pictured) in Mauve, Birthday Balm in Surprise!, plus another Birthday Balm in Fine Wine (not pictured – for my Sister), and I received the free Luxe Lashes Duo gift consisting of Love at 1st Lash Waterproof Mascara + an Elevated Eyelash Curler. So fabulous!

Another fabulous offer during the Best of Beauty Event is a Best of the Best 4-Piece Set featuring fmg Glimmer Super Shock Volumizing Mascara, Birthday Balm Lip Crayon in Surprise!, fmg Glimmershadow Liquid Eyeshadow in Moonstone, and fmg Glimmer Eyeliner in Blackest Black. This set will be listed for $12.99, a $44.00 value. So be sure not to miss that. The Birthday Balm is listed for $10.99 by it’s lonesome, so it’s like you’re just about getting the other 3 products for free. + you’ll only be $12.01 away from your free Luxe Lashes gift set! I love it when we can bundle up on the free gift deals! PLUS — not to mention, if you’re one of my Avon email A-Listers, I’ll be sending you a coupon code for a free gift as well. I’ll be sure to do so as soon as the new Campaign drops, so you can really pile in the goodness!

And speaking of coupon codes, I hope you received the codes I sent out for our current Campaign. Free gift choices sure to get you in the mood for Spring.

If you’re not yet signed up to receive Avon emails from me, it’s easy to get in on all the fun. Click Here to enter Avon’s Garden of Beauty Sweepstakes (this link has my Rep URL), put in your info, then make sure the box is clicked to sign you up for emails from Johanna Bustamento, then click to enter, and that’s it. You’re signed up as one of my Avon Email A-Listers, and you’ve also entered the Sweeps! Sweet!

We love it when a plan comes together, right?

See you all soon with more Avon good news! Cheers!



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Avon Best of Beauty 2023!  Great deals, and free gifts.  https://www.avon.com/?rep=mybeauty

Valentine’s Day Coupon Code!

Valentine's Day coupon code from Avon.  Use code LOVE14 for 14% off your entire order.  youravon.com/mybeauty

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! Hope you have really fun plans!

While you’re enjoying a lovely day, pop by and shop for all your Avon beauty favorites using Code: LOVE14 to receive 14% off your entire order!

This coupon code is for today (2-13) and tomorrow (2-14-2023) only, so I hope you get in on the goodness.



Fall in Love with Avon!  Become an Avon Representative today for $0!  https://www.avon.com/becomearep?rep=mybeauty

P.S. You’re always welcome to join in all the beautiful fun! Sign up is easy and it’s free! What’s not to love? https://www.avon.com/becomearep?rep=mybeauty. When asked who’s team you’d like to join, search for Johanna Bustamento, my Rep Code is mybeauty.

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Happy New Year, Happy Campaign 1, Happy Free Shipping, and Happy Pretty Big Deal Makeup Sale!

Free Shipping Code from Avon, valid 1-4 and 1-5-23.  https://www.avon.com/brochure?rep=mybeauty

Woot – Woot! Happy New Year everybody! Hope you had a wonderful time ringing it in!

Avon’s joining in the celebration beginning today, 1-4-23 with Campaign 1, a free shipping offer on all orders $25+ today and tomorrow (1-5-23) using code: NEWYR25, and launching The Pretty Big Deal Makeup Sale, which has all their makeup items on sale with savings up to 55%! Hooray!

Avon's Pretty Big Deal Makeup Sale begins today! 01-04-23!  https://www.avon.com/brochure?rep=mybeauty

I am linking you here to the Avon Campaign 1 Digital Brochure. It’s easy to browse through the book clicking the side arrows, and it has all the sale items listed easily for you to find in the front of the book. If you see an item you love, just click on the little Pink Shopping Bag Icon and it will pull up the product for you (in a pop-up) to add to your cart. You can also click on View Product Details in the pop-up, to go to that product’s page for more detail.

I hope you have fun browsing the new Campaign 1 Brochure and find a lot of your favorite beauty items and makeup items at great prices, or perhaps find something new. Avon has a limited edition lipstick available just for this sale called fmgt Creamy Color Lipstick. Gorgeous colors!




$9.99 Beauty Sets from Avon!

$9.99 Beauty Set from Avon.  https://www.avon.com/features/holiday-steals?rep=mybeauty

Looking for some great holiday gift ideas? Be sure to check out Avon’s Holiday Gift Guide. There are many fun items to choose from including jewelry, fashion, fragrance, beauty & cosmetics, and more.

But today, I wanted to share some cute little beauty sets that do not show up in the Holiday Gift Guide. These are Avon’s Gotta Have It Sets and you usually need to purchase a certain $$ amount to snag these for $10.00 each. Well, right now, Avon’s running a special Holiday Steals promo, and you can get these for $9.99 without any additional purchase requirement.

Avon curated beauty sets for $9.99.  https://www.avon.com/features/holiday-steals?rep=mybeauty

Each curated beauty set arrives in a cute pink bag, and has a value of $40+. There are usually 4-5 assorted beauty products per.

Curated beauty sets from Avon for $9.99.  https://www.avon.com/features/holiday-steals?rep=mybeauty
Avon beauty sets for $9.99.  https://www.avon.com/features/holiday-steals?rep=mybeauty
Gotta Have It Beauty Sets from Avon for $9.99.  https://www.avon.com/features/holiday-steals?rep=mybeauty

I hope you have fun shopping Avon’s Holiday Steals and snag several of these for yourself and your favorite gal-pals. There are a lot of other items listed in this special sale as well. I do not know how long this sale will last. It says 85% off while supplies last.




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Look How Cute! Receive this Free 6-Piece New Year’s Eve Ready Kit with Purchase from Avon!

Receive this free 6-Piece New Year's Eve Ready Kit with any $60+ purchase from my Avon store using code CM60: https://www.avon.com/cyber-monday-deals?rep=mybeauty

Let the count-down to New Year’s begin! Avon’s got you covered with this super cute 6-Piece New Year’s Eve Ready Kit for free with any $60+ order using code CM60 at checkout. I love the makeup bag. It’s a crinkly silver with the wording HAPPY NEW YOU, and look at that gorgeous mirror! There is also a Glimmer Lip Gloss, Love at 1st Lash Mascara, LX New Sculpting Day Cream, and LYRD oud Rose Parfum (travel size). This is an $89 value. Plus, you receive free shipping – Hooray!

If you shop with an order $40+, you can use code CM40 at checkout to receive free shipping, and if you shop with an order $100+, use code CM100 to receive the free 6-Piece New Year’s Eve Ready Kit + free shipping + free belif’s Most-Wanted Sleeping Mask.

Free 6-Piece New Year's Eve Ready Kit _ Free belif's Most-Wanted Sleeping Mask + Free Shipping with any $100+ order using code CM100:  https://www.avon.com/cyber-monday-deals?rep=mybeauty

The Cyber Monday New Year’s Eve Ready Kit deal expires 12-3-2022 at 11:59 pm PT, so don’t wait too long to claim yours!

Also, as you can see above, Avon has an LG Electronics bonus offer. You will receive $50 off your next order with the purchase of an LG 360 Omnidirectional Portable Speaker or LG TONE Free T60Q Earbuds. This offer expires 12-3-2022. You will be sent a coupon code via email, beginning 12-7-2022. Here is the link to the LG products that are sold by Avon. For those who do not know, Avon is now owned by LG, so we are receiving some great deals through Avon now.

Follow this link to see all the New Year’s, Cyber Monday, and LG goodness!

Hope you enjoy!



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Black Friday Deals have Begun, and I’ve got some Free Shipping and Free Gift Coupons for You!

Avon Black Friday Deals!  Free Shipping and Free Gift Codes to use till 11-26-2022.  https://www.avon.com/black-friday-deals?rep=mybeauty

Black Friday deals have already arrived at Avon, and I’ve got the coupon codes for you! Whoop – Whoop!

Receive Free Shipping on any order $40+ using Code: BF40 at checkout.

Receive a Free 5-Piece Holiday Glow Kit + Free Shipping on any order $60+ using Code: BF60 at checkout.

Receive a Free 5-Piece Holiday Glow Kit + Free Shipping on any $60+ order.  Use Code BF60 at checkout. https://www.avon.com/black-friday-deals?rep=mybeauty

Receive a Free Farm RX Trial Kit + the Free 5-Piece Holiday Glow Kit + Free Shipping on any order $100+ using Code BF100 at checkout.

Receive a Free Farm RX Trial Kit + a Free Holiday Glow Kit + Free Shipping on any $100+ order using Code BF100 at checkout.  https://www.avon.com/black-friday-deals?rep=mybeauty

These offers are good till 11-26-2022, so let the holiday shopping begin! Yay!!

Be sure to check out the Holiday Gift Giving Guide while you’re visiting my Avon store for all the special Avon Christmas goodies. You can shop gifts under $15.00, gifts under $25.00, and gifts under $50.00. You can find it all here.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



Avon Black Friday Deals, Black Friday Coupon Codes for Free Shipping and Free Gift Offers