Charmed, I’m Sure!

Charmed from Avon

Avon’s captivating new fragrance, Charmed, is receiving some love in the press! It was named as one of “The Best New Fall 2020 Fragrances” on, and it received a stellar write-up on

Avon’s Charmed is named a Best New Fall 2020 Fragrance in Forbes among other fragrance giants’ newest releases such as Chanel Coco Mademoiselle L’Eau Privee’, Gucci Bloom Profumo Di Fiori, Cartier La Panthe’re Parfum, and Giorgio Armani My Way, elevating Avon at a higher standard to be reckoned with. I’ve been telling you guys, Avon is bringing it, they have raised their standards, and they are going luxe. I’m so happy and so proud for them, and very happy and proud to be a member of the Avon family.

Here is what and Allure had to say about this fabulous and attention getting fragrance:

Avon Charmed (

Talk about peacocking! To celebrate their 134th anniversary, on October 27 Avon is launching a $1,200 fragrance housed in an 18K gold-plated peacock bejeweled with 21 Swarovski crystals, which comes tucked into a wooden collectible box. Avon has been introduced fragrances since 1886, but this is by far their most opulent one yet. To commemorate the year the brand was founded, only 1,886 bottles will be available. The scent spotlights three natural Orpur ingredients, which means “pure gold” in French and are the of the highest quality. The trio is rose, jasmine absolute and patchouli. $1,200.

Charmed from Avon

It doesn’t get nearly enough credit, but Avon is an amazing source of truly lovely fragrances. Go ahead and take a glance at the selection of Avon’s perfumes on the brand’s website and you’ll find a wide variety of scents — nearly 40, in fact, all ranging from $17 to $50. But while the low price points are among the reason that Avon’s perfumes are so appealing, it turns out smacking a $1,200 price tag on a fragrance only increases its desirability.

OK, so Avon isn’t exactly charging $1,200 for a perfume arbitrarily. Charmed, which launches in late October, is a celebration of 134 years of Avon, and its opulence reflects the momentous occasion. The bottle is absolutely incredible both aesthetically and compositionally. An 18K gold-plated peacock sits atop a beautiful column, its tail embellished with 21 Swarovski crystals. (And it comes in a gorgeous, wooden, collectible box to boot.)

Avon Charmed

And, I have some info that you’ll not find in the press, but rather only from an Avon Insider, like me.

When you purchase this lovely collectible (think how fabulous a memory this fragrance would be for a bride…), you will receive an exclusive gift set.

The First Geniture Set

The First Geniture Set is not for sale. It can only be acquired with a $500.00 purchase from Avon’s new Luxury Edit Catalog.

(I will go over the Luxury Edit Catalog in another blog post, but here is a link to all the items in the Catalog that are eligible for this offer.)

AND — another Avon Insider/Representative jewel that I can gift you — Your cost for a bottle of Charmed Eau de Parfum, if purchased from my website, is $1,000.00 vs. $1,200.00.

So, if you’re in the market for a luxury perfume or for a special gift for someone that will hold a beautiful and meaningful memory for many years (wedding gift, anniversary gift, etc.), I hope you’ll stop by and give Charmed a look, and a chance to fill that special need for you.

Till next time, stay fabulous, and follow your joy!


Charmed from Avon

Over 50 Beauty Blogger and Avon Representative

Beautiful Collectible Luxury Perfume, Memorable Gift

Wait. Avon Has a $1200.00 Perfume?

Avon Charmed Eau de Parfum

Hey everyone! Surprise!!

I’ve been telling you that Avon is going super luxe, and I also promised you some more glam, right?

Avon has dropped the mic! Introducing Avon Charmed…

Join the Avon Charmed Wait List

Check out that Peacock Bottle — O – M – G! That is just super stunning. It has an 18k gold finish with 21 Swarovski crystals. So beautiful…

Avon Charmed is being released on this special birthday year for Avon as a very limited (and numbered) edition. There are only going to be 1,886 exclusively numbered pieces, symbolizing the year that Avon began. You know this is going to be a HUGE collector’s item.

But beyond that, this is also a premium fragrance made from the most precious oils. Avon has now been working with world-class perfumers to design all their new fragrances, and believe me, it shows. All the new fragrances I’ve been introducing you to here have been so fabulous, so I can only imagine how wonderful this one is going to be.

Here is Avon’s official Charmed description:

Be enticed by a radiant burst of crisp neroli as lily of the valley and jasmine absolute create a delicate floral veil. Notes of warm musk add a seductive dimension to this captivating fragrance. Elegantly presented in a lavish 18K gold bottle and packaged in a charming gift box. So alluring. So enchanting. 1.7 fl. oz.

And here’s a closer look at the detail on that lavish Peacock Bottle:

Avon Charmed

This is just so amazing, and what an amazing chance to own something so rare and beautiful.

You can follow this link to join the waitlist. Avon will notify you when it is available to purchase. I have also joined the waitlist through my Representative Back Office to help give someone a chance at this opportunity, so let me know if you’d like my proxy. I would then inform you myself when it is available for purchase and bill you directly and order for you.

Now, today, when I visited my Back Office, they had posted that Charmed was $1,000.00. So you may be able to snag it at that price from me. There is not a lot of info floating around, so we’ll just have to wait and see once it’s up for grabs. No release date has been announced, only that it is coming soon. This has created a lot of buzz and the media has even caught on, so make sure you get signed up. These will most likely go super fast.

It’s all very exciting! Hope you get one!


Expensive luxury perfume presented in an 18k gold Peacock Bottle with 21 Swarovski crystals. Rare fragrance, collector’s item.