Relax Your Body and Mind with Avon’s All Natural Espira Calm and Restful Sleep

2-6-2020 **UPDATE** Espira Calm is not available at this time. I am hoping that Avon will bring it back. Espira Restful Sleep is available, so be sure to get on the wait list for that. Also be sure to check out all of Avon’s Wellness products – Click Here! Thank you!

Avon's Espira Restful Sleep All Natural Supplement

Did you know that Avon has their own line of all natural supplements? Isn’t it exciting? I will be introducing you to everything as we go along, but I wanted to begin with their Calm and Restful Sleep products first as these two are definitely calling my name.

We all go through times when we may be feeling a bit of stress or perhaps having an issue sleeping due to many different reasons, and it’s nice to know that there is something that can help you that is all natural and not habit forming in the least. That’s where Avon’s Espira line comes in and helps. Both their Calm and Restful Sleep supplements are designed to relax your body and mind using only all natural ingredients.

Avon's Espira Calm capsules.

Avon’s Calm consists of patented and clinically tested Sensoril, which contains an herbal ingredient that works together with a combination of vitamin B complex and green tea compounds to support your mood. These are non-drowsy and vegetarian capsules. The Espira Calm capsules are item #277-146 and are $18.00 a bottle.

Restful Sleep Supplement from Avon

Espira’s Restful Sleep capsules are also vegetarian and non-habit forming. These are designed to help you sleep well and wake up refreshed. This supplement contains a proprietary combination of melatonin and botanicals such as hops, chamomile and passion flower to relax your mind, while magnesium promotes muscle relation for your body. This is item # 277-055 and are also $18.00 a bottle.

I was just on my Avon site and see that the Restful Sleep capsules are very popular and you need to join a Waitlist to get your hands on a bottle. But I’ve got your back in the meantime. I am ordering samples of both Calm and Restful Sleep, so you will want to join my Free Sample Club right away so that you can give these a try out while you’re waiting. The next sample mailing will be in July, so you have time to get signed up and active.

The Calm capsules are in stock and you can purchase those online now.

I hope you’ll give these 2 Espira products and try and that they will help you stay relaxed and get a good night’s sleep too. I know I’m definitely giving them a try.

Here’s to your good health, and I hope you get lots of rest and feel fabulous! Jfay