Rubies and Enduring Love; New Bombshell Eyeshadow Palette from Avon

New Bombshell Eyeshadow Palette from Avon.

Hello friends!

My current mood is definitely Rubies and Enduring Love. My sweet husband Willie and I are celebrating our 40th (Ruby) wedding anniversary this year (in May). I am excited, honored, grateful, and unbelieving at the same time. For sure, where does the time go?

In our Ruby year, I have been tending toward Ruby as my color scheme as well, so when I saw Avon’s newest Matte Eyeshadow Quad in Bombshell, I was definitely in.

Such beautiful shades.

Avon Eyeshadow Palette Bombshell.

It’s been a little while since Avon’s had a Quad with a brow highlight color, so I’m really happy about having this palette. There’s a gorgeous Ruby shade, one that’s more on the red side, and a red-toned brown. They all blend together very well. This palette can be worn light and soft, or you can go bold, as I’ve chosen.

New Bombshell Eyeshadow Palette from Avon.

The Bombshell Eyeshadow Palette is $11.99, and there are also 3 other Matte Eyeshadow Quads to choose from as well. Two that are sunset colors (rusts, browns, yellows), and one in blues.

My fragrance choices to go with my Ruby look are Imari Amore, and Dreamlife. I walk into a light spritz of each. They go together very well and leave a heavenly scent all around.

Imari Amor Eau de Parfum from Avon.

Imari Amor, the ultimate expression of love, wraps you in a seductive blend of rich black currant, precious orris and warm musk. Embrace the passion. 1.7 fl. oz. 

Top: Mandarin, Black Currant, Mandarin, Green Notes, Lychee
Mid: Rose, Jasmine, Neroli, Ylang-Ylang, Precious Orris
Dry: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Warm Musk, Amber

Dreamlife Perfume from Avon.
Dreamlife Perfume from Avon with notes of Mimosa Flower, Aspirational Rose, and Glowing Amber.

Dreamlife is a delightful and light floral aroma with Mimosa Flower, Aspirational Rose, and Glowing Amber.

Both fragrances are wonderfully beautiful on their own, I just really enjoy their fragrances together.

And to finish the look and mood, I used a combo of Eclipse and Constellation in Avon’s fmg Glimmer Satin Lipstick.

I hope this post helps spark a bit of mood enhancement ideas for you too!

Johanna (Jfay)

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Love is in the Air!

Avon's Valentine Boutique is open!

Hooray! Can you feel the love? I hope so!

Visit Avon’s Valentine Boutique to find all kinds of goodies to treat yourself (and/or a friend or loved one!) this Valentine’s Day, or any day of the year.

Avon’s fmg Love makeup line is available all year long, so love is always in the air!

Love at 1st Lash Mascara

Colors of Love Glow Beads

Colors of Love Glow Balm Bronzing Stick

And while you’re treating yourself, remember to spread the love every day as well. Why not leave a sticky note for someone to find with a loving message? You may make someone’s day!

Remind someone today that they are loved.  Leave a sticky note for someone to find.  #lovethatsticks  89.3 KSBJ

And a reminder from me — You are truly appreciated!


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Avon Love, and Family Stories

After recently posting about Avon family traditions and my first memories of using Avon skincare from an early pre-teen age, I’ve been blessed to have some of my customers (whom I call friends) share their stories with me, and also a friend who was very excited about her Avon purchase shared a pic of her beauty haul, so I thought I’d share all of this love and fabulousness with you.

In the spirit of sharing Avon family stories, I have another fond memory from the 1990’s when my Son was very young. I sold Avon back then as well, and he and I would go door to door throughout our neighborhood. One of my neighbors still speaks of meeting us for the very first time when he and I came by to visit and leave an Avon book. Very fun and fond memories.

My friend Phyllis shared this with me on IG:

Like you, I grew up with Avon too, as my Mom was an Avon Lady and went door to door selling it!

I think that’s so wonderful that she has a memory of her Mom being an “Avon Lady”. That’s definitely what we were called back in the day.

Here are a couples of notes I received from my friend Mary via email. These melted my heart…

I couldn’t resist the Mini Lipstick Kit. When I was little (awhile ago, as I’m 69!), maybe about 6 or 7, my mother sold Avon, and she had these little sample lipsticks—a tiny ‘tube,’ about an inch high, with about 1/3” of lipstick. She gave me some, and I absolutely loved them. The colors! That clinched, then and there, my life-long love of lipstick and cosmetics. So there was no question about my ordering those mini lipsticks!

Apart from the ones she gave me, I used to love to just sit and look at all the colors in her collection of little lipstick samples for her ladies. And I remember going with her to deliver orders, with her all dressed up in her suit (this was the 50s!). I thought she looked so beautiful.

I love being reminded of that!

That is so awesome, and I am truly honored to now be their Avon Representative and help carry on the tradition and beauty products that we all love so much.

And speaking of Avon beauty product love. Check out this beauty haul that my friend Sue recently received!

All this for $60.30! There is another eye shadow hidden in there (total of 2). LOVE it all! Thank you Jfay!

That’s so awesome! Thank you Sue!

I truly love hearing your Avon stories, and seeing your Avon pics, and I hope to hear and see more. Feel free to share them with me. I’d love to share more of them here on my blog as well.


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Share Your Beautiful Light

Hello friends! How are you doing?

I truly hope you are keeping your chin up and your spirits high.

You know, during times like these (well, I do not really recall any other times during my lifetime like these…), high spirits and good vibes are very important. It makes a huge difference in everything, and it all begins with what you’re letting in. When you spend time listening to and taking in only bad news, how do you feel? Down, depressed, angry? If you’re feeling that way, you are spreading that feeling to others as well, and it keeps going in a cycle.

BUT — if you choose to tune out negativity, only let in positivity, goodness, kindness, fun, happiness, uplifting tales, etc., your spirits will begin to rise. You’ll feel happier, perhaps even joyous – hooray!! Then, what do you think you’re sharing with others? Joy! Happiness! Beauty!! Then they will feel that joy and perhaps continue to share that feeling.

Let’s get a cycle of happiness going again, that’s what I say! Drive out the darkness. It cannot get to you if you do not let it in. And believe me, I know that can be a difficult task right now, but I have made myself a promise to not dwell in the darkness. I stay informed plenty, but I am trying to learn to tune out what brings me down, and focus on what lifts me up.

Give it a try for yourself. See what you think. How can you spread more joy, beauty, and light? I believe it takes just a spark from each of us to defeat the darkness and dark energy that seems to be ablaze right now. So what do you say? Care to shine your beautiful light?

I hope you can find fun things and projects to keep your mind focused on what makes you happy. I’ve come to realize that caring about what’s going on doesn’t mean that I have to indulge completely in the bad “feelings” of what’s going on. I can pray for people or for a situation, do physically what I can to help, and put the rest in God’s very capable hands. I feel that I can be much more help when my spirits are in the right place. I am then more capable of love and light, and then sharing love and light.

I hope your spirits are high and that you are feeling wonderful inside, and shining your beautiful light!

Feel free to share in the comments what you’ve been doing to keep your spirits up. Would love to hear!

Much love, joy, and light,


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Think Pink!

A Rosy Outlook

Are you a “pink” kind of girlie girl? I know, right! Me too! I love all things pink. So when Avon has a Think Pink campaign, you know I’m in.

Avon is encouraging us to Think Pink! It’s a pretty pop of color and a positive state of mind. And, they’ve gathered some of their prettiest pink products for us to enjoy.

First is a spritz of pure bliss with the Haiku Kyoto Flower Eau de Parfum. It’s a Floral fragrance with velvety violet leaf, white peony, and soft cotton musk. You can find Haiku Kyoto Flower Parfum on page 17 of the Campaign 18 online brochure (along with all of these pink products), but you can also find a special offer for all of the Haiku Parfum offerings on page 79. Avon is offering these at 2 for $27.00, original price $25.00 each.

Next up is bright Summer nails with Avon’s Gel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamel. The one shown above is Parfait Pink (#880-501) and is listed for $10.00 on page 17. For additional shades and a special offer, it says to see page 71. (There’s always special finds in these books!) And I see that they are listed there at 2 for $12.00!

And then we have petal-soft skin with Skin So Soft, Soft and Sensual Body Lotion with argan oil. This is listed at a special price of $5.99 on page 17, regular price is $11.00.

Last, but not least, is strawberry scented kisses with Avon’s Crave Lip Gloss. The Crave line of lip glosses feature gourmand scents and ultra shine. The Crave shown above is Strawberry Glaze (#054-347) and is listed for $8.00 on page 17. Again we find a special note on this one to see page 52 for additional shades and a special offer – Yay! And yep, I see that they are 2 for $11.00 on page 52.

It’s so fun to shop the brochure online!

And — while we’re in a pink frame of mind, and shopping fun pink goodies, why not flip over to page 178 and find Avon’s Pink Hope products.

The Power of Pink

These rosy designs and all Pink Hope products are celebrated as symbols of hope and healing. With each purchase, you’re impacting women’s lives by helping Avon support the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer programs and services.

15% is contributed when you shop for the cause.

The gorgeous jewelries that offer hope and healing through your purchases are: the Pink Hope Tennis Bracelet ($6), Pink Hope Ombre Ribbon Pin ($8), Ribbon Strap Watch ($20) and the Pink Hope Rose Quartz Long Necklace ($12).

I hope that you leave today’s blog post feeling good – positive – rosy – uplifted – empowered – full of hope, healing and most of all LOVE! Yaaaayyyy!!! Spread the love – spread joy – and stay in a Pink frame of mind!

Many thanks to you for stopping by. I’ll be back soon with more Avon goodness to share! Till then, stay fabulous!


The Power of Pink!

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