Magix Dust, Makeup Finishing Powder Made with Precious Gems

Hello friends! Happy Monday to you!

I’m back, as promised, with the Magix Dust Finishing Powder + Powder Brush Duo that I was telling you about just a while back. It is now available to purchase as a set at $21.50 (reg. price $35.00).

I have this set myself, and really love it!

Magix Dust is made using ultrafine precious gems, minerals, and crystals. Here is Avon’s official description:

Ultrafine precious gems, crystals and minerals combine for an ethereal glow that’s pure Magix.

This weightless mineral powder formula sets makeup, diffuses light, visibly blurs pores, controls shine and blends effortlessly to create a silky feel and a naturally glowing soft matte finish. With antioxidant green tea extract to enhance and smooth skin. .21 oz. net wt. 
• 100% naturally derived formula
• Pure mineral powder with ultrafine tourmaline, powder ruby and rose quartz
• No-spill, twist-and-lock sifter for no-mess application
• Suitable for all skin tones and skin types
• Talc-free, oil-free and paraben-free

Apply with a brush and set evenly over face to set makeup. We recommend using with the Avon Pro Powder Brush.

I brush this all over my face, neck, and chest for beautiful glowing skin.

Magix Dust comes in 2 shades: Fair Light and Medium Deep. If you’d like to purchase the Magix Dust alone (without the Powder Brush), here is the link for you. It’s listed for $13.99 (reg. price $17.00), so yay! Still a great bargain for you.

Alright gang, I shall close for now. I’ll be back very soon with more Avon fabulousness to share. I hope you snag your Magix Dust Duo and let your beautiful glow shine in all it’s glory.


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There’s More Than One Way to Wear Jewels and Gemstones

Magix Dust

Thanks to the magic of Magix Dust Finishing Powder, you can now wear your gemstones on your face! Yeah!

As a follow-up to my Magix Dust post, I wanted to share this amazing picture with you from Avon. It shows some of the gemstones that are used in this beautiful creation of 100% mineral powder. I say powder, but there is no talc in this at all. The formulation contains ultrafine precious gems, crystals, and minerals, such as Rubies, Quartz, Tourmaline, and Pearls.

This will give your face a naturally glowing soft matte finish without drying your skin. I had an inquiry regarding using this and having dry skin. Magix Dust, again is not a powder, but rather a gem dust. It really is pretty and very smooth and light upon my skin when I put it on. It has a nice pearlesque finish that is beautiful on the skin without being too much. It gives a youthful look – not too shiny – and not dry looking.

You’ve just gotta try it for yourself and see!

You can check my previous blog post for more info on this exciting new beauty product: Magix Dust 100% Pure Mineral Finishing Powder from Avon.

See you next time with the fun teeth stuff I promised!